Many months  have went by and I still can’t seem to write anything, eight months to be precise. I have felt myself slip away from reality a couple of times; being forced to act in manners I never thought I would due to situations. There has been so many blessings upon my life yet life has made it impossible for me to live those moments let alone celebrate and be truly happy. Continue reading “Reflecting”


writer’s block

The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.index

That is what I could find on the internet to try to define this dilemma of not being to put anything on paper, I questioned this writer’s block theory on one occasion because I found it hard to believe that someone can have nothing to write about let alone be able to express themselves in paper… Continue reading “writer’s block”

my own creation



That feeling of smiling even if you are not happy

To be woken up by feelings of excitement, all of a sudden you feel jumpy

It’s all creepy yet the feeling is just too lovely


It makes me whole and fills my soul

I had it all because I’ve heard it all

The bible says the joy of the Lord Is my strength.

It stretches from within to light up a smile upon my

dull sad face,

so all human beings can trace the root of my salvation.


It makes me whole and fills my soul

Every step I take may be filled with hurt

But the joy within me brings comfort

knowing I can face all my tomorrows

brings ease upon my beating heart.

The lord is the joy I my life, He keeps me safe

And has given me eternal life

Some argue there is no such but

I know that much

Jesus is my savior from all labour

He became the price to save my life

Yes He is alive and I strive to be part of His tribe

Yes He is my joy, that me whole and fills my soul.

If I could fly


Little birdie on the tree, tell me
What you see; can you smell the sea right upon that tree?
Dreams vanished whilst nightmares surfaced
Oh Lord can you hear me cry
With a soft voice I sigh, battling to stay up high.
I wish I could fly as high as the mountain climbs.
To be free is just a dream, success is my aim
But some things are never the same.
If I could fly my destination would be unknown,
Swept away on my own visions of destiny
on my back and call.
If I could fly
The taste of sincerity and noble heart at my reach.
I’ve felt it all but now I leave it all,
Letting my God teach me how to be tall.
I did crawl but now it is time to fly
Fly, fly, fly
Fly away to my destiny

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