Courage to let go

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Staying positive at all times



You Know what it doesn’t get any harder than this….hehehe really I just I had to laugh when those thoughts came flooding through my already tired brain. First I look at the calendar and I realise there is no more time left, there is that part of me that kind of feels under pressure but I’m loving every moment of it. It’s amazing to be where I am at this point of my life, yes things may not seem perfect to the person standing on the sidelines but for me honey I’m loving every minute of it. Look if you knew how far or where I come from in life surely you would also give me a round of applause not for praising me but for acknowledging the strength in me against all odds…ok ok ok lets stop right there it’s entirely about me, but its all about everyone out there going through similar challenges as me.
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Four seasons of life


Four seasons of the earth


This morning I battled to get up, the morning cold was just so unbearable so I covered my head with a blanket then dozed off in deep thoughts; I tried to understand this great design called life, I tried to imagine if any human being could have been able to come up with such marvelous invention and its pretty clear that no human alive would have the wisdom to design life its self, only the master whom I serve was able to create such a wonder. I look at the weather and think it doesn’t matter whether its snowy, rainy, windy, cold or humid those conditions have a vital factor in our lives. The seasons have a dramatic effect on all humans. Some face seasonal changes in their own personal lives, things go from dried up to being blown away by windy situations. It is so tough but as a child of God I can only give you this advise; pack courage in your little sack for the journey ahead trust me you will need it. All the great inventors and victors in the world didn’t just get to where they are by crying and whinning, they had to demonstrate an act of being a hero at some point of their journey of life. So fear not because you won’t have to do this alone, no matter what season of life you go through God himself goes in with you. So take a breather and stop the panicking God has your back.