Doing what you must to do


It so hard staying real and holding on to your faith amongst a world that no longer has faith on anything, there has been so many negativity on our news feed  that people have closed their hearts to any good that could come out of our slowly perishing world. Continue reading “Doing what you must to do”


Staying positive at all times



You Know what it doesn’t get any harder than this….hehehe really I just I had to laugh when those thoughts came flooding through my already tired brain. First I look at the calendar and I realise there is no more time left, there is that part of me that kind of feels under pressure but I’m loving every moment of it. It’s amazing to be where I am at this point of my life, yes things may not seem perfect to the person standing on the sidelines but for me honey I’m loving every minute of it. Look if you knew how far or where I come from in life surely you would also give me a round of applause not for praising me but for acknowledging the strength in me against all odds…ok ok ok lets stop right there it’s entirely about me, but its all about everyone out there going through similar challenges as me.
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