Doing what you must to do


It so hard staying real and holding on to your faith amongst a world that no longer has faith on anything, there has been so many negativity on our news feed  that people have closed their hearts to any good that could come out of our slowly perishing world.

I find it hard to keep focused on my ultimate goals whilst nations are being divided, what has the world come to? Can’t I just leave my window open at night without worrying about strangers invading my space.

It’s crazy how vicious and insane our human race has become, we have lost touch with reality to such an extent that it becomes a norm taking a life.

Women and children become easy targets for beasts who prey on  weak and innocent lives. where has our positive spirit gone to?

Have we lost our sense of humour that we don’t joke no more all we do is murder and put down each other.

We all forgot what we are supposed to do; and what is that you ask me?

Greeting your neighbours with a smile every morning without a hidden snare or cold hearts conspiring evil thoughts amongst each other, I believe if it is human nature to hurt each other so is loving one another.

Loving others and embracing each other’s differences through impossible situation, instead of spreading violence and hate speech how about we spread the love and forgiveness.

instead of causing harm to each other how about we heal one another by smiling at each other, it is not rock science but it is what we are supposed to do.

We are failing one another by our actions towards one another, we all have caused this chaos in our world by being intolerant and not understanding each other’s situations. The only way to live in peace with one another is simply by doing what one is supposed to do.


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