Courage to let go

dd6ec4d0e4c625743c7ed1974181b28a  You know what I have been going back and forth trying to understand what could be wrong with me, well first of all I went through my old diary entry from this year; read what I wrote all my hopes and dreams were clearly spread out on that clean paper. One of the flashbacks I read was how much I wanted to let go of things that made me unhappy even the bottom of the page signed “I choose to be happy”, Now as I reflect on my year I stumble upon some hidden revelations on happiness; the first step is letting go.

Having the courage to let go is the greatest achievement any human being can acquire, mind you I have realised the challenge that hinders us all at most times when letting go we tend to think “what if?” what if this is meant to be? what if this is my destiny? don’t I owe it to my self to give it my all?. Such questions leave the mind in doubts, they leave a person not plucking out the courage to let go.

Let me just add this insight on my understanding…..You cannot let go without having some inner help, before you can let go you first have to realise that you have done all that you could do to save or revive the situation; there were even points of  a little desperation kicking in right?

Well truth is letting go is definitely hard especially if you have invested a lot in something which you imagined would be your source of joy. Questions like “what will people think” stick on our minds when deciding on what to do do, but here is an option; shake those thoughts away and hold on to the realisastion of the truth: You shall know the truth and it shall set you free!


The truth is so powerful that many of us ignore it, that is human nature though; we learn the hard way.

Some will say when you see the ship sink it is wise to jump ship, well I say weather the storm; sometimes when you hold on to something till the last strength in you it becomes easy for you to just let it go and walk away because you have no more strength left in you.

Sometimes one must get to a point to say I have done all that I can to save the relationship/situation now the only option is to just let it go.

Life is all about chances, and everything is always God’s plan so no matter what we do we can never fight God’s will; never in a million years!

Walk away from tragedy with the hope in your heart that greater things are yet to come.

Well personally I have put on my walking shoes, the heart needs time to heal and lately it has been battered and broken more than it should. I know that no one can make me happier than my self with the help of God of course.

Choose happiness over sadness…


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