Journey ahead

There is nothing better than seeing your future bright and hopeful ahead of u, it brings delight and a sense of self-worth. You picture yourself in various dimensions of life and fulfilling the destiny God pre ordained you with. Yes each and every one of us have that certain goal that God wants to use us for,we are on an unknown mission to which only our souls understand. The sad part is many go to the grave without living that dream God has designed for them.

The human nature always fights against the will of God,to which leaves us falling short of the glory prepared for us in heaven… I’ve seen so many go way in life and I’ve seen plenty of those who have been able to realise their potential in life, for instance when I told everyone that I wanted to be a Journalist they laughed in my face and said I was bluffing; it took me 3 whole years to get into the best journalism school the country has to offer, meanwhile spectators whispered negative words in my ear, saying I’m not cut out to be a journalist… my heart rejoiced because at that moment they gave me a challenge,that was to prove my worth to myself. I’ve never looked back since then, I must confess I’ve messed up along the way but each and every mistake has been a stepping stone for what is ahead. I gathered up the strength of endurance in order to keep going forward.

I learnt one thing at an early stage, giving up is not my option in life you just got to keep matching forward. Yes many will doubt you and 100% of the time you will face troubles alone but remember Jesus is right next to you holding your hand through each trial you face.

So today I am embarking on a new journey, something I’ve always dreamt of now it is a reality, no one seems to understand even those in my heart. So I face the journey ahead with faith, faith which I’ve acquired in Christ Jesus.

So you just got to establish your purpose in life,discover and fulfil your God ordained destiny ( GSM vision).


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