Forgotten truth

is (1)I guess it is easy for people to forget, maybe it is just some sort of ignorance or some human birth defect or we can say it is just human nature to forget. People forget what you have done to them as well as what you did for them; that is just the way it is.

16 June 1976 was the paving of new possibilities for the youth of this country right? That year heroes were born and the way to freedom of education seemed possible enough. All those who witnessed those brutal killings and forceful arrest still live with those memories while some went to the grave with them.

That alone should be the greatest pride the youth of this country possess, but look I have some few things I’d like to understand about this so-called new generation, yes I said it “so called” simply because there is nothing new about this generation, all we hear are complaints and people being unsatisfied and some take things that do not belong to them, I mean from where I come from you work hard for your stripes, you earn your every cent in a decent and acceptable way.

This is not to judge or whatever, but what I would like to know is how did we go from an era where the youth stood up for what is right without compromising to a youth who find no pleasure in keeping their dignities intact. There is this misconception of everything belongs to people freely. So you find that there is a rise of crime in the country because people feel like they are being owed something in this country, So let me clarify this error in the youth’s mind: no one owes you anything except for yourself, you owe it to yourself to make a success of yourself; you owe it to yourself to at least give everything you do your all, take risks because how will you ever know that you can do it without trying.

My biggest prayer is for all youth to stop being jealous of one anotherĀ  and just empower each other more often, now a days we kill each other with words, we put others down in order to feel good about our short comings, I mean why can’t we be united and understanding of one another, I’m just tired of living in a society that oozes negativity, I just want to feel proud of this generation and I believe that difference will start with me. So by starting a positive trend I hope and pray that many will follow in suit.

June 16 means a lot to me, it means my liberation within the mind, and through June 16 I am able to follow my dreams and live to pursue my passion as a writer, and be able to voice out my opinions.

I believe we are strong enough to unite for change, the new South Africa can begin with us if we just get up and stop lazing


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