Unto Maturity

gosh! I sometimes wonder what does it take to reach a certain stage in life where you do not complain or whine about everything, a stage where you accept who you are; as well as your short comings.


In most times people remain in the infant stage for half of their life span on earth, they hold on to other people and live in other people’s shadows, maybe too scared to realise their potential as well as strong points.

Well I’d like to bring this to your attention: standing on your own two feet doesn’t hurt, really I’m serious in life in order to reach that stage of maturity you have to first accept yourself as this being that you are; you may not be rich, the most famous person in this world but you are you, and trust me that is all that counts. Being you counts for everything trust me.


Many wonder how does one become matured or what does it actually mean to be matured. Well being matured would be to stop whining when things do not go your way or ooze from self-pity, those are the first two one must outgrow fast early in their lives, also being able to sacrifice for a greater cause and be able to compromise without expecting others to return that favour. Reaching that stage in life where you are completely aware of what others think of you but you couldn’t care less (giggles) but I don’t mean you must be full of yourself, what I mean is you acknowledge all your flaws and mistakes but you still love yourself, its crazy right, but it is highly possible.

There was a time in my life if someone gave me any negative comment or recieved a criticism I would just shoot out all different imotions and cry from self pity, but it was later that I realised that peole will always have something to say whether you do good or bad that is why now I have developed a technique to take criticism and turn them into a positive outlook and add value into my life.

You just go to obtain and keep self control, gain that strength to tame your emotions as well as your reactions towards whatever is happening in your life, trust yourself enough to take risks knowing very well there is room for dissapontments and failures. When you reach that level in life when you just kind of accept reality but also vow to change your current situations.

Knowing what to say and when is key, because the moment you obtain self control it becomes easy to just ignore conversations that are not beneficial for your soul, and it is quite easy to walk this route with God, it all just becomes a walk in the park really.

So in order to reach a level of maturity there are somethings you need to be rid of first, if you start there then the rest will follow on smoothly.



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