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You have ruined me, he says to you, after he tosses your sweater onto the bed, unfolded. You can see its wrinkles from where you stand across the room. I will never love anyone like I loved you. And you do not move to kiss him or etch your nails into his face or give him […]

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writer’s block

The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.index

That is what I could find on the internet to try to define this dilemma of not being to put anything on paper, I questioned this writer’s block theory on one occasion because I found it hard to believe that someone can have nothing to write about let alone be able to express themselves in paper… Continue reading “writer’s block”

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That feeling of smiling even if you are not happy

To be woken up by feelings of excitement, all of a sudden you feel jumpy

It’s all creepy yet the feeling is just too lovely


It makes me whole and fills my soul

I had it all because I’ve heard it all

The bible says the joy of the Lord Is my strength.

It stretches from within to light up a smile upon my

dull sad face,

so all human beings can trace the root of my salvation.


It makes me whole and fills my soul

Every step I take may be filled with hurt

But the joy within me brings comfort

knowing I can face all my tomorrows

brings ease upon my beating heart.

The lord is the joy I my life, He keeps me safe

And has given me eternal life

Some argue there is no such but

I know that much

Jesus is my savior from all labour

He became the price to save my life

Yes He is alive and I strive to be part of His tribe

Yes He is my joy, that me whole and fills my soul.