Doing what you must to do


It so hard staying real and holding on to your faith amongst a world that no longer has faith on anything, there has been so many negativity on our news feed  that people have closed their hearts to any good that could come out of our slowly perishing world. Continue reading “Doing what you must to do”


Dear Mama



Writing this blog hurts because I must dig deep in my heart, No don’t get me wrong it’s not like I have no words to say truth is when I think about my Mama my heart pains because of the love I have for her; I understand that there have been times that I’ve hurt her even let her down but not once did her love for me change.
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Many months  have went by and I still can’t seem to write anything, eight months to be precise. I have felt myself slip away from reality a couple of times; being forced to act in manners I never thought I would due to situations. There has been so many blessings upon my life yet life has made it impossible for me to live those moments let alone celebrate and be truly happy. Continue reading “Reflecting”